Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Laminar and Turbulent Flow. Comparison and Differences.

Comparison and Difference between Laminar and Turbulent Flow

1. In Laminar flow, the particles move along a well-defined path called streamlines and it is called streamline flow. In turbulent flow, particle starts to move in a random manner and results in the formation  of cross currents or eddy currents.

2. Laminar occurs at low velocity. Turbulent when the velocity increases beyond a certain limit.

3. In laminar, there is no exchange of fluid particles from one layer to another. In Turbulent, there is the exchange of fluid particles from one layer to another.

4. If the Reynold number is less than 2000, then flow is called laminar. If the Reynold number is more than 4000, then it is called turbulent flow.

5. In laminar, the viscosity of the fluid is dominating over the inertia forces. In turbulent, the inertia force is dominating over the viscosity.

6. Laminar flow is theoretical while turbulent is practical flow.

About Author: Jeniffer Fleming