Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Living and Nonliving things. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Living and Nonliving things

1. Living organisms need food, air and water. Non-living things do not need food, air and water.

2. Living organisms grow. Nonliving things do not grow.

3. Living organisms can move on their own. Non-living things cannot move on their own.

4. Living organisms are sensitive. They respond to changes around them. Non-living things are not sensitive and they do not respond to changes around them.

5. Living organisms reproduce themselves. Non-living things do not reproduce.

6. Living organisms respire. They release energy from food. 6. Non-living things do not respire.

7. Living organisms excrete. They get rid of waste materials from their body. Non-living things do not excrete.

8. Living organisms have a definite life span after which they die, i.e. they have a definite life cycle. Non-living things do not have a definite life cycle.

9. Living things are made up of living cells. Nonliving things are not made up cells.

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