Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Apocarpous and Syncarpous Gynoecium. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Apocarpous and Syncarpous Gynoecium

1. In Apocarpous Gynoecium, the carples are separate from one another. In Syncarpous Gynoecium, carples are fused.

2. Apocarpous Gynoecium is a primitive condition. Syncarpous Gynoecium is a advanced condition.

3. Ovary is always unilocular in Apocarpous Gynoecium. Ovary is unilocular to multilocular in Syncarpous Gynoecium.

4. An ovary contains a single placenta in Apocarpous Gynoecium. In Syncarpous Gynoecium, the number of placentae is generally more than one but single placentae occures in some cases.

5. In Apocarpous Gynoecium, Fruit is aggregate if the number of carpels is more than one. It is simple in cases when carpel is one. In Syncarpous Gynoecium, Fruit is always simple.

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