Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Array and ArrayList.

Difference between Array and ArrayList

  1. An array uses the vector array to store the elements. ArrayList uses the Linked List to store the elements.
  2. The size of the Array must be defined until redeem is used (vb). No need to specify the storage size in Arraylist.
  3. An array is a specific data type storage. ArrayList can be stored everything as an object.
  4. No need to do the type casting in an array. Every time type casting has to done in ArrayList.
  5. An array will not lead to Runtime exception. ArrayList leads to the runtime error exception.
  6. The elements cannot be inserted or deleted in between an array. Elements can be inserted and deleted in ArrayList.
  7. There is no built-in members to do ascending or descending in an array. ArrayList has many methods to do the operations like Sort, Insert, Remove, Binary Search, etc.
About Author: Jeniffer Fleming