Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the Difference between Power and Distribution Transformer. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Power and Distribution Transformer

1. Power Transformers are most of the time loaded to levels just below the rated power and, accordingly they are designed to operate at maximum possible flux density level with maximum efficiency at near full load. Distributed transformers are most of the lightly loaded and in order to have maximum all-day efficiency, they are designed to work at low flux levels with maximum efficiency occurring at lower loading.

2. Power transformers have a higher voltage and commonly rated above 200 MVA. Distribution transformer has middle to lower voltage range, and commonly rated below 200 MVA.

3. A power transformer is larger and heavier as compared to distributed transformers.

4. Power transformers operate at optimum efficiency 100%. Distributed transformer operate at 60 – 70% efficiency.

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