Differentiate, distinguish, compare and explain what is the main difference between Switch and Hub in Networking.

Comparison and Difference between Switch and Hub in Networking

Although a hub and a switch apparently look similar, they have significant differences. Let’s see some of the main comparisons and difference between switch and hub:

  • Both can be used to realize physical star topology, a switch functions like a logical star with the possibility of the communication of separate signals between any pair of port lines. On the other hand, the hubs works like a logical bus, because the same signal is repeated on all the ports.
  • Each port operates on separate collision domain in the switch and in case of a hub as a consequence, all the ports belong to the same collision domain.
  • In case of a switch, each port has dedicated bandwidth. Therefore, switches can be used to increase the bandwidth of a hub based network by replacing the hubs by switches. Moreover, in case of a hub, the bandwidth is shared by all the stations connected to all the ports.
About Author: Jeniffer Fleming