Difference between Binary Fission and Multiple Fission
1. In binary fission, two daughters forms individually. In Multiple fission, numbers of individual daughters are produced.
2. In binary, nucleus of the parent body divides only once whereas in multiple fission, nucleus of the parent divides repeatedly.
3. In binary fission, no residue is left. In multiple fission, residue id left behind.
4. Binary fission occures in a favourable condition.  Multiple fission can take place in favourable as well as in unfavourable conditions.
5. Binary fission nakes the organism immortal whereas immprtality is absent in multiple fission.
6. Examples of binary fission are: Bacteria, Amoeba, Euglena, Paramecium, Planaria. Exampls of Multiple fission are: Amoeba, Plasmodium, Monocystis.
About Author: Jeniffer Fleming