Compare, distinguish and explain what is the difference between CNC and Conventional machine. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between CNC and Conventional Machine

1. CNC machines can be used continuously for long intervals and only need to be switched off for occasional maintenance. Conventional machines are difficult to operate for several hours at a stretch. the operator has to continuously focus on the job at hand.

2. CNC machine can produce several products all similar and dead accurate. resemblance of the products formed depends on the skill of the operator. Visible difference may occur.

3. Less skilled or trained persons can easily operate CNC machines. Highly skilled operators are required to work on conventional machines.

4. CNC machines can be updated by using software to drive the machines. Chances for major improvement in the same conventional machines are very less.

5. One person can supervise several CNC machines, and they can be left to work themselves. One person cannot operate one CNC machine at a time.

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