Here on this page we have describe and explain some of the main difference between distance and displacement in physics with examples.

What is the main difference between displacement and distance in physics ?

Comparison and Difference between Distance and Displacement

  1. Distance is the length of the path traveled by a body while moving from an initial position to a final position. Displacement is the shortest distance between the initial position and the final position of the body.
  2. Distance is a scalar quantity. Displacement is a vector quantity.
  3. Distance measured is always positive. Displacement can be positive or negative depending on the reference point.
  4. The total distance covered is equal to the algebraic sum of all the distances traveled in different directions. The net displacement is the vector sum of the individual displacements in different directions.
  5. There is always a distance covered whenever there is a motion. Displacement will be zero if the body comes back to its initial position.
  6. Unit of Distance is meter (m). Unit of displacement is meter (m).
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