Distinguish, compare, differentiate and explain what is the main difference between Metals and Non metals. Differences and Comparison

Difference between Metals and Non metals on the basis of chemical properties

S.No. Metals Non Metals
1 On heating with oxygen forms an ionic oxide. They are basic in nature and which dissolve in water to form bases, which turn red litmus blue. On heating with oxygen forms covalent oxides. They are acidic in nature and dissolve in water to form acids, which turn blue litmus red.
2 They are lustrous. Non-lustrous except graphite.
3 Are a good conductor of electricity and heat. Are nonconductors of heat and electricity except graphite.
4 All are solid except mercury. Maybe solid, liquid or gaseous.
5 They are electropositive, they lose electrons readily and becomes positive ions. They are electronegative, they gain electrons and become negative ions.
6 Are reducing agents. Are good oxidizing agent.
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