Distinguish, Differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Red algae and Brown algae. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between Red algae and Brown algae

1. The major pigment of red algae are chlorophyll a,d and phycoerythrin. The major pigment of brown algae are chlorophyll a, c, and fucoxanthin.

2. In red algae, floridean starch is the stored food material. In brown algae, mannitol and laminarin are the stored food materials.

3. In red algae cellulose is present in cell wall. In brown algae cellulose and algin are present in cell wall.

4. Flagella are absent in red algae. In brown algae, the number of flagella is 2, they are unequal in size and lateral in position.

5. Thylakoids are unstaked in red algae. Thylakoids occur in groups of three in brown algae.

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