Differentiate, distinguish, compare and explain what is the main difference between Tap and Fibrous Roots.

First, let’s explain various kinds of roots with the help of an example. There are the following two types of roots:
(i) Taproots: The roots which have one main root and other smaller lateral roots are called tap roots. For example, a mustard plant, gram.
(ii)Fibrous roots: The roots which have no main root but all the roots appear similar are called fibrous roots. For example, maize, wheat.

What is the difference between Tap and Fibrous Roots

1. Tap root has only one main and long root. The smaller that grow from the main root is called lateral roots. Fibrous roots do not have the main root. All root seem similar.

2. Taproot goes deep into the soil. Fibrous roots do not go deep into the soil.

3. Taproots are found in plants which have reticulate venation in their leaves. Fibrous roots are found in plants which have parallel venation in their leaves.

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