Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. Comparison and Differences.

Difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics

1. Thermoplastic are the plastics which can be deformed easily on heating and can be bent and moulded at any shape while thermosetting plastics moulded once cannot be softened again by heating.

2. Thermoplastic has covalent bonds between monomers and weak van der Waal interactions between monomer chains while thermosetting plastic has strong cross-links and a 3D network of covalently bonded atoms. The stiffness of plastic increases with the number of cross-links in the structure.

3. Thermoplastic are synthesised by addition polymerization whereas Thermosetting plastic is synthesised by condensation polymerization.

4. Thermosetting plastic is higher in molecular weight as compared to thermosetting plastic.

5. Examples of Thermoplastics Plastics: PVC and Polythene are used for manufacturing combs, toys, car and grills and various types of containers.

Examples of Thermosetting Plastics: Bakelite, Phenolic, Amino, Melamine, etc.

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