Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the main difference between Voltage amplifier and Power amplifier.

<h2>Difference between Voltage amplifier and Power amplifier</h2>

1. In voltage amplifier, transistor chosen should have a high value of beta about 100. In power amplifier, transistor should have small value of beta about 20 to 50.

2 Load resistance Rc has a high value about 1OK ohm in voltage amplifier. The load has small value 100 to 200 in power amplifier.

3 In voltage amplifier, an input voltage is low approx few mV. In power amplifier, an input voltage is high about few volt.

4 Voltage amplifier has low power output & high voltage output. The power amplifier has high power output and low voltage output .

5 Collector current has low-value 100mA in voltage amplifier. Collector current has high value in power amplifier.

6 An output impedance of voltage amplifier has high value than power amplifier.

7 Usually, R-C coupling is used in voltage amplifier. Transformer or tuned circuit is always used in power amplifier.

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