Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences Between core and shell type transformers. Comparison and Difference.

Differences Between Core and Shell Type Transformers

1. The core has only one magnetic circuit. Shell has two magnetic circuits.

2. Core type has two limbs. Shell type has three limbs.

3. Core has less mechanical protection to coil. Shell has better mechanical protection to coil.

4. Core type has better cooling since more surface is exposed to atmosphere. In shell type, cooling is not very effective.

5. In core, natural cooling is provided. In shell, natural cooling cannot be provided.

6. Core type transformer is easy to repair. Shell type transformer is not easy to repair.

7. In the first, the winding is surrounded considerable part of core. In the second, core is surrounded considerable part of winding of transformer.

About Author: Jeniffer Fleming