Differences Between Heat and Temperature :

Heat and Temperature both are the forms of energy and differ in the way how they flow from one body to other and changes in the object. Here on this page we will describe and explain what is the differences between heat and temperature for kids commonly explain in physics and chemistry.

What is the difference between temperature and heat

  1. Heat is the form of energy. Temperature is a thermal condition of body.
  2. Heat flows from one body to other while temperature is a quantity that indicates whether or not and in which direction heat will flow.
  3. Heat is a total amount of internal energy of a body. Temperature is proportional to average kinetic energy of the molecules of a body.
  4. In the first while in transmission of heat, total amount of heat remain unchanged. In the transmission of heat, temperature does not remain same.
  5. Heat is an cause whereas temperature is an effect.
  6. SI unit of Heat is Joule. SI unit of Temperature is Kelvin (K).
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