Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what are the Similarities and Difference between Laboratory and Clinical Thermometer. Comparison and Differences.

Similarities between the Laboratory Thermometer and the Clinical Thermometer

1. Both consist a long, narrow, uniform glass tube.
2. Both have a bulb at one end.
3. Both contains mercury in the bulb.
4. Both contain Celsius scale on the glass tube.

Differences between Laboratory Thermometer and Clinical Thermometer

In the laboratory thermometer, the temperature range is from – 10°C to 110°C whereas in the clinical thermometer the temperature range is from 35°C to 42°C.

The laboratory thermometer is used to measure temperature in experiments performed in the laboratory while the clinical thermometer is used to measure the temperature of human body.

The laboratory thermometer Usually, it does not have a kink whereas the clinical thermometer has a kink which prevents the immediate back flow of mercury.

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