Difference Between Two Things

Differences between Zoospore and Zygote

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between Zoospore and Zygote.

Differences between Zoospore and Zygote

1. Zoospore is formed inside the zoosporangium. Zygote is formed by fusion of two gametes.
2. Zoospore is usually flagellated and motile. Zygote is usually non-flagellated and non-motile or motile.
3. Zoospore is the result of asexual reproduction. Zygote is the net result of sexual reproduction.
4. Zoospore is haploid or diploid. Zygote is always diploid.
5. Zoospore takes part in dispersal. Zygote has little role in dispersal.

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