Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the difference between Series and Parallel Circuits.

Difference between Series and Parallel Circuits

S.No. Series Circuit Parallel Circuit
1 Has one pathway. May have two or more pathways.
2 Current is same anywhere in the circuit. Current splits and passes through pathways and then adds up again.
3 The voltage is shared in ratio to resistance. The voltage across each pathway is equal.
4 Resistance adds up and so less current draws in the circuit and battery last longer. The total resistance is less than the least resistance, current drawn is less but the battery life is short.
5 If one bulb fuses than the circuit become incomplete. If one bulb gets fuses still the circuit remains complete and the other bulb glows.
6 The brightness of the bulbs is less. The brightness of the bulb is more.

Similarities between Series and Parallel Circuits

1. Both the circuits either series or parallel have the same aim of converting electrical energy into heat, sound etc.

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