Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between Mammals and Reptiles. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between Mammals and Reptiles

1. Mammals are warm-blooded whereas reptiles are cold-blooded.

2. Mammals have hair on Fur. Reptiles have scaly hair.

3. Mammals give live birth, whereas reptiles lay eggs.

Write down the similarities between Mammals and Reptiles.

Similarities between Mammals and Reptiles

1. Both are Vertebrates.

2. Both breath with lungs.

Some Special Features of Mammals are

  • They are warm-blooded
  • Have fur, hair or wool
  • They give birth to live young (the exception here is that platypus and echidna lay eggs)
  • The mother feeds milk to their young
  • They all have lungs

Some Special Features of Reptiles are

  • They are cold-blooded
  • Have hard leathery scales
  • Most have 4 limbs and a tail the (exception here is the snake has no limbs)
  • Most lay eggs with leathery shells
  • They have lungs
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