Let’s see the reason why Earth is called Blue Planet. When you look at Earth from the Moon it looks very blue, largely due to the Earth’s atmosphere being blue and the ocean’s reflecting the atmosphere’s blue color.

Why Earth is called Blue Planet

Why Earth is called Blue Planet

The Earth is referred to as “the blue planet” because of the abundance of water on the planet. Over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is comprised of water, producing a vivid blue color when viewed from space. The Earth’s oceans contain about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of space, which is 95 percent of all habitable area on the planet. In addition to covering most of the Earth’s surface area, the oceans provide a habitat to somewhere between 700,000 and 1 million species. Many barriers to exploring the oceans still exist and as many as two-thirds of marine species have yet to be identified. This makes the oceans one of the last remaining unexplored frontiers of science.

Another Theory of why Earth is called blue planet

The atmosphere of Earth looks blue because the light comes from the sun in a spectrum of colors, blue light has shorter wavelengths. Much of those short wavelengths are absorbed by the gas molecules in the air that radiate the absorbed blue light in different directions, scattering it all around the Earth. The ocean looks blue on sunny days because it reflects the blue color of the sky.

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