A scoop of ice cream for breakfast can provide an unexpected brain boost, a Japanese scientist has found. Many of us may think that it may be a better excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast but according to many scientist and researches it’s true that eating Ice Cream for Breakfast makes you more smarter and intelligent. A Japanese scientist has found people who eat the treat ‘immediately after waking up’ can become smarter.

Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast makes you more Smarter and Intelligent

Eating Ice Cream for Breakfast makes you more Smarter and Intelligent

According to his research, ice cream boosts people’s reaction times and reduces their mental irritation. Subjects in an experiment carried out by Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo, had to eat three spoonfuls of ice cream first thing in the morning. They then had to use a computer to complete a number of mental exercises, according to Excite News.

Professor Koga found the people who had eaten ice cream had faster reaction times and were better at processing information than a separate group that hadn’t had any breakfast. Their brain waves were also measured during the experiment by Professor Koga, who reported an increase in alpha waves associated with concentration, relaxation and mental co-ordination in the group who had eaten the ice cream.

To test whether the cold nature of ice cream was behind the results, Prof Koga repeated the test with cold water instead of ice cream. While cold water was found to improve participants’ performances slightly, it did not have as noticeable an effect as ice cream, he said.

Prof Koga is continuing his research and has yet to determine a firm connection between the mental boost delivered by ice cream and a specific ingredient, while another explanation may lie in the sense that ice cream is a treat that triggers positive emotions and added energy.

Experts generally agree that a large, balanced breakfast is the most healthy way to start the day.