Body stamina and endurance are very tough to achieve and requires proper workout and diet. A healthy doses of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, Proteins and fats are required to boost body stamina. All these vitamins and nutrients make sure body function and work at the optimal rate and provide energy to help you push harder during training and work out sessions. We have listed 10 best foods for boosting endurance & stamina which not only help you with your workouts but with performance in sports, and increased vitality and stamina in the bedroom.

10 Best Foods for Boosting Endurance & Stamina

10 Best Foods for Boosting Endurance & Stamina


Banana is one of the favorite food of athletes to provide enough energy at track races, sports meets or any endurance runs. Packed with complex carbs and potassium, which minimizes cramping and helps the cardiovascular system function better, bananas can boost your energy before a long run, bike ride, or swim or any activity that pushes your body to its limits and beyond.


Pomegranates are high in the polyphenols shown to cut muscle soreness and inflammation by up to 10%. They promote healthy bones, cardiovascular health and boost immunity and stamina.


Eggs, especially if both yolk and white are consumed, can be an excellent whole-food choice to provide micronutrients and protein. Dietary protein is important because it provides our bodies with amino acids, which can help build muscles and nourish the body.

Oatmeal and Quinoa

Oatmeal is an unprocessed carb, which gets digested slowly and hence keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. It is a power-packed cereal and provides sustained energy for hours. Due to high content of complex carbs, it breaks down slowly in your body and keeps the blood sugar at optimum level. Quinoa is rich in amino acids, vitamins, fiber, and minerals and also contains twice as much fiber as other whole grain foods. Quinoa is considered one of the best super foods for athletes.


Almonds are considered to be the world’s healthiest foods. They are rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are an excellent source of energy and do not accumulate in the body. They build strong bones, nourish the brains, improve heart health and keep you energetic all through the day.

Chia Seeds

Best plant-based sources of complete protein, chia seeds work to raise your energy levels immediately upon consumption. Add to smoothies, cereals or in your sandwiches to boost up your stamina levels to maximize your exercise routine.


Beetroot triggers the release of nitric oxide to regulate blood flow, and reduces the amount of oxygen required to exercise. Beetroots are rich sources of Vitamins A and C and help boost energy and body stamina. They eliminate fatigue and help you jump up and never miss a workout.


This powerhouse of vitamin K, C, calcium, manganese and dietary fiber should be a staple in every active person’s diet. Kale is a great super food to eat if you are active and athletic due to its high antioxidant levels, which can help increase blood oxygen levels, thus increasing physical stamina. Try to eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as kale to enhance your athletic performance—one cup with any meal will do the trick.

Lean Meat, Fish and Chicken

Rich in protein, these foods are important for growth and development, muscle building and repair. Meat takes a longer time to digest and thus keeps you feeling full and active all day long.”


Corn is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. Corn provides healthy calories for metabolism and significantly prevents various ailments. Corn is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Corn lowers cholesterol, improves heart function and builds up stamina. It provides readily available glycogen to the body that instantly generates energy.