Write down what are the main Similarities between Endocrine and Nervous system or Similarities between Nervous system and Endocrine

Similarities between Endocrine and Nervous system

1. Both secret chemical messages. Nervous system secretes neurotransmitters whereas Endocrine secretes hormones

2. Both play a major role in Homeostasis

Distinguish, differentiate, compare and explain what is the differences between nervous and endocrine system. Comparison and Difference.

Differences between Nervous and Endocrine System

This section describes how responses can be controlled by nervous or by hormonal communication and understand the differences between the two systems.

1. Nervous System Works by nerve impulses (has chemicals in synapses though). Endocrine System Works by hormones transmitted in the bloodstream.

2. Nervous Systems travel fast and usually have an instant effect. Endocrine Systems travel slowly and may take longer to ask.

3. Nervous System response is usually longer lasting as compared with Endocrine which is short lived.

4. In the nervous system, impulse act on individual cells (localized effect). Endocrine systems have widespread effects on different organs. (still, only work on cells/organs with correct receptors)

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