What are the similarities between eye and camera functions ?

Similarities between eye and camera

Focusing of Light. In the human eye, the lens focuses light onto the retina. In camera, to focus light onto the photosensitive surface at the back of the camera can either be done with photographic film or a CCD (charge-coupled device).

2. In the human eye, retina detects light and converts it into electrical impulses which are sent to the brain. The camera detects and records the light which is focused on it. This can be on photographic film, but digital cameras use CCDs which convert light into electrical signals which can be stored.

3. In human eyes, Iris adjusts the amount of light entering the eye through the pupil. In camera, aperture allows the user to adjust the amount of light entering the camera in different light conditions.

4. In the human eye, ciliary muscles stretch or slacken the suspensory ligaments to adjust the shape of the lens. In the camera, focusing screw allows the user to adjust the focus for nearer or more distant objects.

About Author: Jeniffer Fleming