List of top Colleges in Azerbaijan

Are you searching top colleges in Azerbaijan? We have compiled the list of best Universities in Azerbaijan and to colleges in Azerbaijan Country here:

  1. Academy of Public Administration
  2. Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
  3. Azerbaijan International University
  4. Azerbaijan Medical University
  5. Azerbaijan National Conservatorie
  6. Azerbaijan State Economic University
  7. Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
  8. Azerbaijan Technical University
  9. Azerbaijan Technology University
  10. Azerbaijan Toursim Institute
  11. Azerbaijan University
  12. Azerbaijan University ol Languages
  13. Baki Business University
  14. Baku Slavic University
  15. Baku State University
  16. Ganja State University
  17. Khazar University
  18. Lankaran State University
  19. Nakhchivan Private University
  20. Nakhchivan State University
  21. National Aviation Academy
  22. Odlar Yurdu University
  23. Police Academy
  24. Qafqaz University
  25. Sumgait State University
  26. Western University
About Author: Jeniffer Fleming