List of top Colleges in Iraq

Are you searching top colleges in Iraq? We have compiled the list of best Universities in Iraq and top colleges in Iraq Country here:

  1. Ahlulbait International University
  2. Alkafeel University College
  3. Al Maarif University College
  4. Al Mamon University College
  5. Al Mansour University College
  6. Al Muthanna University
  7. Al Nahrain University
  8. Al-Nisour University College
  9. Al Rafidain University College
  10. Al Rasheed University College
  11. Al Turath University College
  12. Al Yarmouk University College
  13. American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (Kurdistan Region)
  14. Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University
  15. Baghdad College of Pharmacy
  16. Cihan University
  17. College of Science, Baghdad University
  18. Dijlah University College
  19. Diyala University
  20. Hawler Medical University
  21. Iraq University College
  22. Ishik University
  23. Islamic University College
  24. Kerbala University
  25. Komar University of Science and Technology
  26. Koya University (Kurdistan Region)
  27. Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR)
  28. Lebanese French University (Kurdistan Region)
  29. Madenat Alelem University College
  30. Misan University
  31. Nawroz University
  32. Salahddin University (Kurdistan Region)
  33. Shat Al Arab University College
  34. Soran University
  35. Sulaimani Polytechnic University
  36. Thi Qar University
  37. Tikrit University
  38. Uinversity of Babylon
  39. University of Al-Qadisiyah
  40. University of Anbar
  41. University of Baghdad
  42. University of Basrah
  43. University of Dohuk (Kurdistan Region)
  44. University of Human Development (Kurdistan Region)
  45. University of Kirkuk
  46. University of Kufa
  47. University of Kurdistan – Hawler
  48. University of Mosul
  49. University of Mustansiriyah
  50. University of Raparin (Kurdistan Region)
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