List of top Colleges in Norway

Are you searching top colleges in Norway? We have compiled the list of best Universities in Norway and to colleges in Norway Country here:

  1. Agder University College
  2. Agricultural University of Norway
  3. Bergen University College
  4. Bodo Regional University
  5. Lillehammer University College
  6. Molde University College
  7. Norway’s Information Technology University College
  8. Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine
  9. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  10. Norwegian School of Management BI
  11. Norwegian State Academy of Music
  12. Norwegian Teacher Academy for Studies in Religion and Education
  13. Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  14. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  15. Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education
  16. Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts
  17. Oslo School of Architecture
  18. Universitetet i Tromsø
  19. University of Bergen
  20. University of Oslo
  21. University of Stavanger
  22. University of Tromsø
About Author: Jeniffer Fleming