List of top Colleges in Ukraine

Are you searching top colleges in Ukraine? We have compiled the list of best Universities in Ukraine and top colleges in Ukraine Country here:

  1. Alfred Nobel University of Economics and Law
  2. Bila Cerkva State Agrarian University
  3. Chernivci National University
  4. Crimea State Medical University
  5. Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University
  6. Dnepropetrovsk National University
  7. Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport
  8. Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian Economic University
  9. Donetsk National Medical University
  10. Donetsk National Technical University
  11. Donetsk National University
  12. East Ukrainian Volodymyr Dahl National University
  13. International Scientific and Technical University
  14. Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oli and Gas
  15. Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture
  16. Kharkiv National University
  17. Kharkiv National University of Air Force
  18. Kharkiv National University of Economics
  19. Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
  20. Kharkiv State Medical University
  21. Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture
  22. Kharkiv State Transport Technical University
  23. Kherson State University
  24. Khmelnitsky National University
  25. Khmelnytskyi National University
  26. KROK Economics and Law University
  27. Kryvyi Rih National University
  28. Kyiv National Economic University Named after Vadym Hetman
  29. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
  30. Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
  31. Kyiv School of Economics
  32. Kyiv Slavonic University
  33. Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
  34. Luhansk State Medical University
  35. Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National Pedagogical University
  36. Lviv Medical University
  37. Lviv National Medical Univeristy
  38. Lviv National University Ivan Franko
  39. Lviv Polytechnic National University
  40. National Aerospace University Kharkov Aviation Institute
  41. National Aviation Univesity
  42. National Medical University O.O. Bogomolets
  43. National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
  44. National Mining University
  45. National Pedagogical University M. Dragomanov
  46. National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
  47. National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
  48. National Technical University (Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute)
  49. National Technical University (Kyiv Politechnical Institute)
  50. National Transport University
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